NEET 2017 Last Minute Preparation Tips

NEET 2017: Last Minute Preparation Tips

With just a few days left to NEET 2017, everyone is immense in their studies referring various textbooks, guides, and studying overnight memorizing concepts. Restricting oneself by not watching television or chatting with friends does not prove to be a good idea. Preparing for the exam is a good idea but comprising just doesn’t sound good. Let’s have a look at some tips that is helpful for last minute preparation of NEET.

  • Know your Syllabus well

The first and the foremost step are to know your syllabus well. NCERT Syllabus is vast. You need to focus on main concepts. Compare NCERT syllabus with your Board Syllabus so that you can encounter chapters that are similar so that you do not have to prepare separately. This would fetch some time so that you can concentrate on rest of the syllabus that is not covered.

  • Steady Plan

Steady plan and time management can lead to can bring success in the examination. Many aspirants fail to utilize the time in a right and a fruitful manner. Setting a goal in life does cause any harm. One should always have a positive attitude and strive hard for achieving a goal.

  • Pay more attention to weaker areas

It is possible that you may be good at one subject and may not be in another subject. Identify your weak areas and try to strengthen them. Same applies to stronger areas another way round. That is one should try to maximize the benefits of your strong areas.

  • Practice more Sample Papers and Mock Tests

One of the main factors of NEET examination is a time limit. That is 3 hours of time duration. Students must be able to finish one eight questions in one eighty minutes. It is also one of the main elements of the revision. A student will get an idea of real examination environment and exam pattern. It would also help to create a strategy for solving NEET question papers.

  • Avoid Guesswork

Many candidates have a tendency to opt for shortcuts that are guess work. Sometimes it may prove right but same does not apply each time. One should just avoid guesswork as it is risky and this case there is negative marking.

  • Stay Healthy

It is important to maintain your health. Eat healthy nutrient food and avoid junk foods. Get sufficient sleep. Doing yoga and meditation would help you to increase concentration.

  • Stay Positive

Maintaining a positive attitude is one of the effective strategies for the learning process. Do not stress yourself much as it would end up with bad performance in the exam. Take study breaks. Stay calm.

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