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B.Sc Radiotherapy  admission 2018

B.Sc Radiotherapy

Radiation therapists are typically part of a cancer management team. They record, interpret and administer the treatment prescribed by a radiation oncologist.They utilize a variety of equipment such as cobalt units and linear accelerators.They help locate tumors, update treatment reports and measure the amount of radiation.

B.Sc Radiotherapy course duration:-

Duration : 4 Years

B.Sc Radiotherapy course eligibility :-

Eligiblity : +2 Science Stream

Entrance Examination

Eligible candidates would appear for the written examination. This examination would be based on the 10+ 2 syllabuses of Physics, Chemistry, and Biology. Selection will be purely on merit on the basis of exam results and personal interview.

Colleges offering B.Sc Radiotherapy in tamilnadu:

B.Sc Radiotherapy course syllabus:-

First Year : Human Anatomy, Physiology,Basic Physics, Radiation Physics & Basics of clinical radiography/imaging,Radiotherapy Physics  & Principles of Radiotherapy & Environmental Studies

  • Second Year: Tumor Pathology and Radiotherapy applications,Radiotherapy Equipments, Applications & Maintenance,Radiotherapy Techniques
  • Third Year: Recent Advances in Radiotherapy Techniques,Patient care relevant to Radiotherapy,Quality Assurance, Radiobiology & Radiation Safety in Radiotherapy
  • Final Year : Internship in relevant discipline.


B.Sc Radiotherapy course apllication form 2018:

Application for B.Sc Radiotherapy course will be announced in the month of march 2018.

 B.Sc Radiotherapy course fees details 2018:

Fees will vary based on college.The approx fees would be around 30 k to 60 k in colleges located in chennai.

Scope -Radiotherapy

  1.  Radiation Oncologist
  2. Radiation Therapist
  3. Teacher & Lecturer
  4. Nuclear Medicine Technologist
  5. Dermatology Consultant
  6. Radiation Therapy Technologist
  7. Technical Executive


Job Description-Radiotherapy

  • Radiotherapy uses ionizing radiation in the treatment of cancers and other malignant tumors. It is a treatment that utilizes energy from radiation to destroy or prevent harmful cells from further spreading.
  • With radiation therapy and combination with chemotherapy, all manner of cancerous cells such as breast cancer, cancer of the blood, cancers of the skin, brain and other tumors are controlled.